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  1. Book Production
  2. Why Not Self-Publish?
  3. We Can Help You Self-Publish
  4. What Our Service Offers
  5. How Much Will it Cost?
  6. How Many Should I Have Printed?
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  8. Types of Books to Consider
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Country Books/Ashridge Press
Country Books is a small, independent publisher based in Little Longstone, Derbyshire, and have over 50 years publishing experience.

Book Production
In addition to our publishing activities, we undertake to produce books for other small publishers, individuals and societies (including Derbyshire County Council, Chatsworth House, Peak District National Park Authority and the National Trust). This service began some years ago when we were submitted manuscripts which we felt worthy of publication but which, for one reason or another
(usually because the likely print-run was too small to make it commercially viable), we were reluctant to take on under our own imprint.

Why Not Self-Publish?
There is absolutely no shame in self-publishing a book in which you have faith (even better if an independent third party offers encouragement). Yet it is the case that, whilst a particular book may command a definite market, that market may too small to make publication a worthwhile
proposition for a large commercial publisher.

We Can Help You Self-Publish
Much of a publisher’s expenses is created by the effort put into promotion and distribution. If you have a captive market for your book and you are able to do the legwork yourself in a market which probably no one knows better than you, then self-publishing can be the way forward. Look at some of the titles we have produced that are listed in our leaflet and decide for yourself whether or not your project may stand a chance of success. We would certainly tell you if we thought your desire to get a particular title into print were misguided. If you are unhappy about handling the book sales yourself, we can supply a list of book distributors who may undertake the work for you.

What Our Service Offers
We can do everything for you
(except write your book!) Books can be accepted on disk, as hard copy or even handwritten as long as it is clean and straightforward. We establish the book’s format, typeface, size and spacing and layout and presentation of text and illustrations in consultation with you. We send you sample pages and settle on what is required. We then produce a first draft in as complete a state as possible to allow you to get a clear idea of the appearance of the finished book. At this stage you can make any amendments and corrections which may be necessary. Back to us for a second draft and then we’re ready for the printer, who will send you a sample of your printed book for approval.

How Much Will it Cost?
A great deal less than the price you’ll be quoted by vanity publishers. You will be pleasantly surprised at how little money is necessary to get your book into print. We will send you a written quotation for our work in designing and producing your book ready for print, and a quote from the printer for producing your books. We believe transparency to be essential for you to make a decision.
It may be a possibility that you can get it printed more cheaply elsewhere, in which case we are happy to supply the files in pdf for you to instruct your own printer.

How Many Should I Have Printed?
The great thing about new technolgy is, small numbers of books can be produced. Gone are the days of a minimum of 500 or a 1,000! Now you can print as many or as few as you wish, avoiding the possibility of boxes of unsold books. For example, you can print 100 books, and when they are sold, print another 10 or 20 copies. Books can be hardback or paperback and there are no restrictions on
sizes or the number of pages. For that special book, we can arrange leather binding – the choice is yours!

Where Do I Go From Here?
Drop us a line, telephone or e-mail us. There is absolutely no obligation on your part – we never charge ‘consultation fees’ or any such nonsense.We pride ourselves on an honest, personal service.

Types of Books to Consider
Well, that’s up to you, providing the material is not offensive. It always helps a novel to sell if it has an identifiable place, and there is a growing interest both in poetry an childrens’ books.

Local History
Local history and family history books are always popular and sell extremely well. Include as many pictures as you can – people love to see themselves and their families in print – and don’t forget an index. Produce an order form with details of the proposed book to allow for advanced orders. This way you will have some idea of the demand for your title and are assured of covering the cost before committing yourself. Ask local newsagents to include a leaflet when delivering their papers which will save you a great deal of legwork! And for:

Family History
Mail details of your book to all people with the same surname.

Your Type of Book?
Have a look at our website for the extent of books we produce: