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News from a Sussex village
Ian Hilder

By the end of the War, Barcombe, an agricultural parish of 1,277 people, had supplied 176 men to the Armed Forces, 36 of whom did not return. What was daily life like for those who were left behind?
Life certainly wasn’t dull, with the parish led by a smock-wearing squire, commanding a cyclists’ battalion, while promoting a resurgence of the sport of stoolball for wounded servicemen. They are joined by a new Rector and schoolmaster and an unwitting collaborator in the ‘Piltdown Man’ hoax.
Using articles from the Sussex Express, supported by contemporary images, postcards and documents, we follow village life from the eager volunteers of 1914 and their news from the front, to the fund-raising events for refugees and servicemen, and on to conscription and the military tribunals of 1916. The village plans a fete for convalescing soldiers, while Women’s Land Army workers make their first appearance on local farms.
Once the war had ended the parish began to consider how best to commemorate the dead, support the survivors and plan for the Peace Celebrations.

Paperback 245 x 190mm 248 pages
Over 200 illustrations, many in colour
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-61-1

Price £15.00

Book 455 Image


Form, function and craft
Sarah Page

Foreword by RAY MEARS

The Sussex Trug is a wooden basket made almost exclusively in one small area of East Sussex, using natural, sustainable, local materials. Trugmaker Sarah Page takes us into the lives of the makers and explores the fascinating history of the craft in the area. Follow each stage of trugmaking in words and pictures, and understand the traditional techniques of woodland management, whereby the materials for making trugs are sustainably managed.

An important and timely record of a declining way of life, the book is illustrated with stunning new photography and a wealth of archive pictures. It will appeal to anyone with an interest in gardening, Sussex history or traditional crafts.

Hardback 184 x 141mm 192 pages

Price £20.00

Book 453 Image


A runner’s celebration of the Sussex hills
Jack Arscott

When Jack Arscott first began to run the Sussex Downs he little thought it would turn into an obsession. Yet within months the chalk hills from Eastbourne in the east to the Hampshire border had provoked an ambition to test his stamina on the notoriously exhausting Moyleman marathon – a distance he had never attempted
Our novice enthusiast charts a dozen of his favourite off-road routes, records the gruelling weather conditions.
Colourfully illustrated, and with hard-won tips on body management and running techniques, this burgeoning sport will appeal both to absolute beginners seeking
encouragement and to diehard veterans who will sympathise with every strained tendon.

Paperback 235 x 155mm 76 pages
22 pages of colour illustrations
Pomegranate Press

Price £7.99

Book 452 Image


Rosalie Leng

Hilarity, sadness, jollity, lightheartedness, profundity and rhythm will be found in over one hundred poems brought together in this slim volume.

Through wartime and peace Rosalie, born at Haslemere in Surrey, has lived in Hastings, Trinidad and, for most of her life, in Crowborough. Being so near to Ashdown Forest, she has become more and more interested in its history, flora and fauna, and its conservation. She has worked as a volunteer for many years at the Forest Centre, as well as contributing poems to the ‘Ashdown Forest News’ taking many photographs during her walks there in all weathers throughout the seasons.

Paperback 210 x 148mm 142 pages
16 colour and B&W illustrations

Price £9.50

Book 451 Image


Stanley Bernard

For the first time, there is now a book showing how out of the village of Telscombe, the new town of Telscombe cliffs has grown, while the much newer Peacehaven born out of the old parish of Piddinghoe is more than just the coast road that most people see. Highlighted are the stories of people who have put the area on the map. In Telscombe
village there was Ambrose Gorham, the town of Telscombe cliffs was initially developed with the help of Ambrose Harman, while Arthur Harrison made a pioneering start of a new settlement at the Newhaven end of Peacehaven. There is of course the one man for whom Peacehaven is synonymous and that is its founder the entrepreneur Charles Neville, whose story has been largely rewritten in this book.

But for those who thought there was no history, a long look back to the earliest records of the area, show a fascinating insight into the lives of those who lived and worked in the area hundreds of years ago. There are also numerous pictures showing what life was like from the founding of the towns as they were in the 1920s through to just before the Second World War.

Paperback 235 x 165mm 154 pages
Fully illustrated with colour and B&W photos
Country Books

Price £15.99

Book 450 Image


Kevin Newman

A unique approach to West Sussex’s history – this is the first book for those residing or
visiting West Sussex to take people on a series of journeys across the county’s different past eras – from west to east.

The book pays homage to great past Sussex travel writers such as EV Lucas and Hillaire Belloc by suggesting visitors attempt ‘Sussex without Sat-nav’ – ditching modern technology to use directions and maps, foot and cycle instead of merely cars and sat-navs.

The book provides suggested routes to explore the county an era at a time, provided by an author who has spent many years exploring the county’s well and lesser-known sites of interest.

Never before has such a comprehensive and varied selection of sites been collected together. VHS will provide even the most knowledgable Sussexian with new ideas for visits and days out.

The book supports local food, drink and hostelries with sections suggesting places to rest and revive as well as restaurants, cafés and  fine inns, with our ‘lunch locally’ and ‘Sussex stay-overs’ sections. We even discover a café that provides ice cream for dogs!

Paperback 234 x 156mm 216 pages
30 B&W illustrations and maps
Pen & Sword

Price £14.99

Book 449 Image


Philip Payton

Sussex is and has always been, a terribly English place: pastoral and in many ways
genteel; rich in history, with much of it still evident today; quintessentially the England that draws so many to these isles from overseas.

Whatever the truth, this book presents a scholarly, accessible and important account,
admirably filling a gap in the published history of the county.

Paperback 243 x 169mm 320 pages
Over 140 colour illustrations

Price £19.99

Book 448 Image


Stanley Bernard

Newhaven today is trying to revive itself but it can never get back to its heyday of the
Victorian era. This is the story of how the town grew into a major port with coming of the railway 1847, with a regular ferry service to France and Jersey from 1851. Houses shops and industry thrived until the end of the century.

This is not only the story of that development but also tries to look at live in general through newspaper reports of crimes that took place as well. Illustrated with many old pictures and is fully referenced, for further study.

The book came out the dissertation from his 2012 Masters Degree in local history awarded by The Open University. However all the academic work has been removed to make a more interesting read.

Paperback 210 x 150mm 93 pages
First published 2014

Price £12.99

Book 447 Image


Colin Tyson

At first glance the largely rural county of ‘Sussex by the Sea’ may not be the first to spring to mind when it comes to the subject of industrial heritage, but closer
inspection reveals that it had its fair share of extractive industries, such as early chalk quarries and lime works, thanks to the geology of the Sussex Downland, and from the interior Wealden Clays came brickworks and iron forges and furnaces.

At first goods moved on early turnpikes and by long-closed canals. Sussex was later at the forefront of transport developments, pioneering the world’s oldest electric railway and the world’s first air terminal building. Coastal fishing villages developed into large bathing resorts upon the arrival of the railways from London. The county has its fair share of surviving windmills and watermills from a more rural industrial past, as well as the ‘cathedrals of steam’ – the water treatment pumping stations, built to meet the needs of growing towns.

This book outlines the important place that Sussex trades held in the economy of southern England, and illustrates what remains to be seen today of past industries in what is now essentially a post-industrial era.

Paperback 234 x 165mm 96 pages
180 illustrations

Price £14.99

Book 446 Image


Places – People – History
Philip MacDougal

The cathedral city of Chichester in West Sussex has a rich and colourful history that stretches all the way back to Roman times when it played an important part in the Roman invasion. Its main city streets follow the original pattern laid out almost two thousand years ago while the buildings that line many of those streets, when not medieval in origin, most frequently date to Georgian or Victorian times.
Well-known local author and historian Philip MacDougal takes the reader on a fascinating A–Z tour of the city’s history, exploring its lesser-known nooks and crannies, and along the way relating many a tale of the most interesting people and places. Fully illustrated with photographs from the past and present, the A–Z of Chichester will appeal to residents and visitors alike.

Paperback 234 x 165mm 96 pages
100 illustrations

Price £14.99

Book 445 Image


Colin Tyson

Ever since the Romans built Stane Street, Sussex has needed strategic transportation as an aid to commerce and its ever-growing population. Sussex roads only improved with the arrival of the Turnpike Trusts, creating toll houses, coaching inns, milestones and bridges, while the rise of the private motor car brought filling stations. Waterborne transport has left its mark in the form of short-lived canals, locks and bridges, along with sea ports and docks. The railways then spread their network of main lines and branch lines and left a legacy of stations, signal boxes, goods sheds and impressive viaducts, along with light railways and narrow gauge industrial lines. Sussex can lay claim to Britain’s oldest electric railway, the steepest surviving cliff lift, the first municipally-owned motor bus operator in the world and is the destination of the longest-running motoring event in the world. Into the twentieth century and new forms of transport such as aircraft led to the building of airports. Gatwick – London’s second airport and the second busiest single runway airport in the world – had much more humble beginnings.

Paperback 234 x 165mm 96 pages

Price £14.99

Book 444 Image


John Law

Southdown Motor Services, a subsidiary of the British Electric Traction Company, once
dominated the county of Sussex, with a history dating back to 1915. The National Bus
Company took over in 1969 and the company was split up in the 1980s, with the Brighton and much of the East Sussex areas becoming ‘Brighton & Hove’, bringing back memories of the former Tilling Group operator of a similar name. Brighton Corporation also ran buses in that town, as did neighbouring Eastbourne, both with fascinating fleets, though both concerns are no longer operating. The northern part of what is now West Sussex was the territory of London Country, particularly around East Grinstead and Crawley. In East Sussex, Maidstone & District ran most of the services around Hastings. Today Stagecoach and the Go Ahead Group are the principal bus operators in Sussex, with their operations supplemented by various small, but interesting,

Paperback 234 x 165mm 96 pages
180 illustrations

Price £14.99

Book 443 Image


Kevin Gordon

The elegant Victorian and Edwardian seaside resort of Eastbourne has a long and
fascinating history. Kevin Gordon takes the reader on an enlightening and entertaining journey through the town’s past, delving beneath the surface to reveal dark deeds and strange tales with long-forgotten facts and amusing stories. Here you’ll meet royalty, abusive flower sellers and a bored saint, discover the murderous exploits of a teacher and even rioting salvationists. Secret Eastbourne lifts the lid on the hidden secrets that even many local people don’t know.

Paperback 234 x 165mm 96 pages
100 illustrations

Price £14.99

Book 442 Image


Tina Brown

Secret Hastings & St Leonards explores the lesser-known episodes and characters of the town through the centuries. With tales of remarkable people, unusual events and tucked-away historical buildings, it will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of this East Sussex town.

Paperback 234 x 165mm 96 pages
100 illustrations

Price £14.99

Book 441 Image


Judy Middleton

Hove was famous for its private schools in Victorian times. This book contains a wealth of unusual facts in regards to the education of working class girls, gleaned from Log books.

Discover the significant parts women played in both World Wars, including memories of former Wrens about their time at Hove.

Learn how some eminent Hove men saw the justice of the Suffrage movement and supported it.

A fascinating insight into the lives of female domestic servants. Hove once employed a greater number than were hired in the posh parts of London.

A focus on women who made a difference, from a pioneering lady who promoted gardening for the fair sex, to ordinary women who worked in laundries, ran farms or owned boats for hire.

Paperback 234 x 156mm 248 pages
25 B&W illustrations
Pen & Sword

Price £14.99

Book 440 Image


Tina Brown

The south east coastal town of Eastbourne is probably best known today for being a popular seaside holiday resort, frequented by the retired generation. It has long, golden beaches and a gentle pace of life and, from that point of view, little has really changed from the mid 1850’s to today. However, for the women of the town and their advancements and achievements, a significant period was between 1850 and 1950, when changes in medicine, education, family life and the right to vote played an important part in their lives.

The First and Second World Wars also brought about their own changes and challenges. A History of Women’s Lives in Eastbourne delves deep into these historical subjects and more.

Paperback 176 pages
Pen & Sword

Price £12.99

Book 439 Image


Roger Palmer

The Southern Electric system was a self contained, roughly triangular area of lines with its apex in London and its base running along the south coast from Kent to Weymouth. It also made a couple of forays into Middlesex. Here, in unpublished colour photographs, is shown not only the variety of unit types that were around during the first twenty years since railway privatisation, but also the fact that on some services, Southern Electric types have penetrated the Home Counties whilst others have migrated to join their ranks.

Hardback 282 x 216mm 184 pages
196 previously unpublished colour photographs
Pen & Sword

Price £25.00

Book 438 Image


Mark Hillier

An unparalleled collection of objects relating to the history of RAF Tangmere.
Many objects are supplemented by photographs or paintings that show these objects in their historical context.
Provides an overview of RAF Tangmere in accessible, bite-sized pieces of text written by a renowned aviation historian and author.
Covers key moments in the West Sussex airfield’s history.
Produced in association with, and the support of, Tangmere Military Aviation Museum.
Beautifully produced, in full colour, with over 150 striking images.


Hardback 246 x 172mm 248 pages
Publication date is now November 2019
Pen & Sword

Price £25.00

Book 437 Image


David Maidmeny

The book covers the allocation, operation and performance of these classes and includes some personal reminiscences of the author who experienced the moguls at first hand. It also covers the sale of some of the Woolwich moguls to the CIE in Ireland and the conversion of a number to 2-6-4 freight tank engines for the Metropolitan Railway.

Hardback 240 x 150mm 240 pages
The book is lavishly illustrated with 300 black and white and thirty colour photographs.
Pen & Sword

Price £35.00

Book 436 Image


Douglas d’Enno

In this book author Douglas d’Enno traces the changing face of pictorial Saltdean over the course of its intriguing history, starting with a survey of archaeological finds, then of the foreshore and associated hazards and of early activities on the downland on which the community would gradually be built. Alongside the development of Saltdean as a leisure resort, modern housing increasingly drew in new residents before the Second World War, including a number of prominent figures. Its development was halted during the war but resumed in the 1950s and 1960s as the infrastructure of schools, shops and churches was created for the community. Following its use for war purposes, the Ocean Hotel remained virtually unused until 1953 when Billy Butlin dramatically restored its popularity. For its part, the lido lay derelict from 1945 until 1964, when it reopened to huge acclaim from locals and visitors. This fascinating collection of images will be of interest to those who know Saltdean and this corner of the Sussex coast east of Brighton, and equally to those unfamiliar with them.

240 B&W photographs

Paperback 234 x 165mm 128 pages
A fascinating portrait of the Saltdean area of East Sussex near Brighton presented through a remarka
ISBN 978-1-4456-7755-2

Price £14.99

Book 435 Image


Peter J Stenning

A story for children with 21 B&W illustrations by the author.

Limited edition signed by the author

Paperback 210 x 148mm 24 pages
A great gift for children
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-63-5

Price £5.00

Book 434 Image


Alex Askaroff

The midnight hour had come and gone and upstairs in Eastbourne’s favourite sewing shop came the sound of gentle snoring from the shop’s owner, Albert Cade. Albert blissfully hugged his pillow and giggled away to himself, dreaming dreams that only the happiest of people ever dream.

Follow Albert and his magic sewing machine on the best day of the year as he and his beloved dog Sylko prepare for The Grand Ball. With Ragtail, Squealer and Stinker, the three shop mice creating havoc – it will be a day that few will ever forget.

27 colour illustrations and 1 B&W photo

Paperback 230 x 155mm 48 pages
Also available in hardback ISBN 978-1-910489-58-1 priced £11.99
Country Books
ISBN 978-1910489-57.4

Price £5.99

Book 433 Image



More than just a recipe book, but a lifestyle change, encouraging time out from busy schedules to learn from a simpler time. This book not only contains 50 recipes, ranging from hearty soups, to rustic French, Italian and Dutch dishes, to a section on foraging; but also gives snippets of
information on each recipe, for example; how the chocolate truffle was invented, why carrots are orange? etc.
The book is intended as a rough guide, encouraging its readers to try cooking on their woodburner when they have time, but equally it can be used as a standard recipe book.
This book is a way of bringing that desire for ‘The Good Life’ into everyday living.

After my BSc Hons in Politics and Sociology, I went on to study an MSc in Personnel Management and Business Admin at Aston University. I subsequently worked as a Marketing Manager, writing, proofreading and editing articles and marketing materials. I then re-trained as a proofreader at King’s College London and set up my own proofreading business.
After my fourth child, I re-trained again as a swimming teacher and now run my own swim school. In my spare time I have written this book, inspired by my experience of cooking without power in our kitchen. I live in Sussex with my husband and four children.

Paperback 235 X 156 70 pages
7 colour photos and 7 line illustrations
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-60-4

Price £7.99

Book 432 Image


John Snelling

Imagine if you will a long train journey, during which you start chatting with the stranger opposite and realise later that a couple of hours have passed easily by, full of fascinating anecdote, light and shade, wit and wisdom; an all too rare treat in our hectic but increasingly isolated modern life.You part as new friends, vowing to stay in touch. That is how I felt on reading this little gem of a book for the first time. Storytelling in an easy conversational style.

‘If you want to be a writer, write’ was never more apposite than here. John has clearly been thinking and writing for most of his life, and the range of this collection is impressive. Social comedy, local history, the use of very different voices and some subtle and moving poetry.

The silver thread which runs through it all is that of a devoted and close family within and outside the Anglican church, with some deft pen-portraits of great men and women who made a largely unsung difference to many lives. As a record of vanished times, small scale and local, it will be an ornament to any social history collection, and it fulfils an important role in the fast-disappearing narrative on which future historians and biographers will come to rely.

Amusing, thought-provoking, puckish and intimate by turns, peopled by types whom we we will all know from our own lives, but never stereotypical, this is a quiet celebration of an English life which many of us will recognise with affection and nostalgia without ever wishing to turn back the clock.

Hardback 210 x 148mm 272 pages
Preface by Christina Maude
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-52-9

Price £20.00

Book 431 Image


The extraordinary exploits of a Sussex family from Munich to the Somme, St. Petersburg and the Holly

“Who do you think you are? Well, it has taken me some sixty odd years to find out. ‘A Question of Identity’ is the story of what I discovered.” Tim Parker, June 2018.

Just who were the Schwabes of Hastings  and what did they do? In this enchanting biography Tim Parker reveals their past, their extraordinary accomplishments, sacrifices and their true identity.

The book describes a luxury hotel in Hastings, the Albany, socialising with the celebrated authors Conan Doyle and Arthur Ransome, and MI6 Operations in St Petersburg at the time that Rasputin was shot and the revolution was fomenting. Then there were the trials and tribulations of two World Wars when the Schwabe family, eleven in number, suffered grievous loss and heart ache. As soon they were old enough the Schwabe sons joined the army serving in the First World War in the Fusiliers and the Royal Sussex Regiments. The next generation served with the Navy and the Royal Airforce in the Second World War.  

It is a riveting tale and there is glamour too, with theatre, the rise of the Elstree film studios, Ingrid Bergman, Cecil Parker and Hollywood as well as engagement with occupational careers in the Merchant Navy, Textiles, Chemicals and a concert pianist too.
Like most real family sagas the reader will share elation but also pathos, the horrors of war, the uplifting support of family love and the successes which were proudly earned. August wanted to become an Englishman, and with the help of his family that’s what he became.

But where did the Schwabes go? An unusual name not found in the telephone directories of a later age. That is the mystery behind this intriguing true story.

On reading the story, Julian Parker, Master Mariner and grandson of Charles August Schwabe, said: “My father, like most men of his generation, was a private man, but I was astonished to learn that in those war years he never talked about he had been in Russia and, miraculously, had escaped from the notorious Peter & Paul Fortress and near certain execution by the Bolsheviks by swimming the mighty river Neva.”

Paperback 234 x 156mm 94 pages
43 illustrations in colour and B&W
Country Books
ISBN 978-1-910489-48-2

Price £14.50

Book 430 Image


Terry Townsend

For 150 years, from the beginning of the eighteenth century, East Sussex was in the forefront of smuggling due to its pivotal position between the merchant suppliers of Northern France and London customers eager for untaxed luxuries such as brandy, tea and tobacco.

The men landing contraband on Sussex beaches had two initial aims.The first to avoid detection, the second to move the merchandise swiftly inland to half way hiding places at farms, churches and pubs. Secrecy during these operations was facilitated by the threat of violence towards would-be informers and judicious bribing of legal authorities encouraging them to turn a blind eye.

In many cases the local inn became the smugglers’ centre of operations where plots were hatched, arrangements agreed and runs commissioned. The smugglers’ pub served as a meeting place, recruitment centre, distribution depot and valued customer. This was nowhere more so than in the incomparable smuggling town of Rye, riddled with linking tunnels and secret storage places.

Terry Townsend has identified a significant number of authentic Smugglers’ pubs distributed throughout East Sussex. These wonderful old buildings with their low-beamed ceilings, flagstone floors and inglenook fireplaces evoke a genuine sense of the desperate days of free traders.The events actually occurring during the smuggling heyday provide stories every bit as wild as any to be imagined.

Terry Townsend has written extensively about English life in the eighteenth century
including books on smuggling, the Bristol slave trade and the life of Jane Austen. He lives in the West Country with his wife Carol and their cat Smudge. Terry is currently
researching Smugglers’ Pubs of East Devon.

Hardback 210 X 148mm 128 pages

Price £9.99

Book 429 Image


Deborah Evershed

First published in 2006. This illustrated book was the first publication of South Grove Books based in Petworth, West Sussex.
Driving through Adversane today you might think little of it – a staggered crossroads, pub and scattering of houses, but this hamlet has a history that enfolds the author’s family history.
Using her own memories, the stories handed down in her family and careful research, Deborah has sought to capture a hundred years in and around Adversane.
Start reading though and you will see she has done more than capture the stories – she has brought them vividly alive.In the 1850s the author’s great great great grandmother – also Deborah – ran a shop in Adversane, while her great great grandfather, Charles Puttock, was both blacksmith and landlord at the Blacksmith’s Arms. Charles’ daughter, another Deborah, became a teacher and married into the Taylor family. The author’s parents, David and Ethel Evershed moved to Adversane in the late 1940s and so the author came to be born and brought up in the cottages converted from the old malthouse opposite the Blacksmith’s Arms. So the book title represents a long journey through time that comes full circle back to the place.

Paperback 210 X 148mm 200 pages
South Grove Books

Price £9.99

Book 428 Image


Roger Cordiner and Anthony Brook

The traditional building stones of Sussex are described, mapped and analysed.
Full colour illustrations, extensive appendix, glossaries and index.

Paperback 210 X 297mm 160 pages

Price £35.00

Book 427 Image

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